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NBA Free Agency Signings and Rumors

The first few days of July are always a frantic time for NBA GMs, players, reporters, and fans. Free agency is under way, and this is where some teams can sign a superstar that might vault them into title-contention status(Houston), and where some teams can add that final piece to their roster.

Amidst all the chaotic news reports and rumors, here is a brief and incomplete list of notable signings(or agreements) and rumors that might actually happen.

Chris Paul stays with the Clips

I covered Paul's re-signing in this  article on Monday. Great job by the Clippers in securing Paul without letting him think twice. The Clippers are one good back-up point guard, one wing defender, and one back-up big away from being a title contender(yes, that's a lot).

Indiana keeps David West

Indiana completes their No.1 offseason priority in re-signing West. No real surprise there, as both parties have made it clear all year that they plan to stay together. West will continue to provide veteran leadership to a young Pacers team looking to challenge the Heat for the East crown.

The deal is for three years, $36 million, a good deal for the Pacers considering all that West brings to the team on and off the court.

Wolves re-sign Budinger

The Wolves get a shooter to space the floor for Kevin Love, which should make Love at least a little bit happier.

The deal is for three years, $16 million with a player option for the final year. A fair deal for a player that missed most of last season with an injury.

Pelicans extend offer sheet to Tyreke Evans

The Pelicans have offered Evans 4 years, $44 million to play in New Orleans alongside Jrue Holiday. The Pelicans might have to shed some salary to make this work, and dealing an unhappy Eric Gordon seems like a real possibility.

$44 million is a lot of money to commit to Evans, especially since he has taken a step back every year since his rookie year. Perhaps his issues are related to being part of a dysfunctional Kings franchise, but committing big money to a player with question marks is always dangerous for a general manager.

Eric Bledsoe to Suns, Dudley and Redick to Clips in three team deal

Detailed analysis here.

Again, this is not a comprehensive list of free agent moves, just a list of some notable ones. With several big-name free agents such as Dwight Howard and Josh Smith still on the market, free agency is only going to get crazier.