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CP3 Stays with the Clippers

Everyone in the league has been expecting the all-star point guard to re-sign with the Clippers as soon as free agency starts, and Chris Paul announced the news via Twitter to his fans: "I'M IN!!! #CLIPPERNATION".

Once the Clippers successfully completed the difficult task of acquiring the services of Doc Rivers, Paul's decision was easy. He gets to play for one of the most respected coaches in the game today alongside his fellow star Blake Griffin, and never underestimate the lure of a big market such as Los Angeles.

Paul cannot officially sign his new contract until July 10, when the league-wide moratorium is lifted. The contract is expected to be the max the Clippers can offer: five years and $107 million. The deal would include the standard opt-out after the fourth year.

There have been reports that now that CP3 is locked up, O.J. Mayo is the Clippers second priority in free agency. Doc Rivers, who has long desired to coach Mayo, talked to Mayo on the phone to recruit him to LA.

Trading Eric Bledsoe remains a possibility, although Rivers has expressed interest in coaching the young point guard.

However the rest of the Clippers roster shakes out, expectations will be much higher for the Clips next year now with Rivers, Paul, and Griffin all in the fold.