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Exploring Potential Trades on Draft Night

Trades are often the biggest stories of draft day. This year, with all the uncertainties already surrounding the draft, potential trades bring even more questions and excitement to the draft.

Keep in mind that most trades in the NBA happen out of the blue; that is, the talks that leak to the media are usually the ones that are already dead, or just downright ridiculous. If a trade has a real chance of happening, both sides tend to keep it quiet until the deal goes down.

Here are some potential trades that make sense for both teams, and some that have been running around in the rumor mill.

Rockets' pursuit of Dwight Howard

The Rockets are looking to acquire a mid first round pick to aid in their pursuit of Dwight Howard. Potential trade partners are the Cavs at No.19 and the Bulls at No.20, who have both reportedly offered their picks in exchange for Thomas Robinson. Both of these trades seem to benefit both teams; the Cavs or Bulls get a talented young power forward to come off the bench, and the Rockets get to draft an international player they can stash overseas, clearing enough cap room for them to offer Howard a max deal come July.

MarShon Brooks to the Timberwolves

The Wolves need a shooting guard; Brooks has been wasting away on the Brooklyn bench. Brooks for the 26th pick makes sense for both teams.

T-Wolves moving Up for Oladipo, Bobcats moving down for Zeller

The Bobcats are reportedly considering Bennet, Len, and Zeller at No.4; GM Rich Cho, however, is in love with Zeller, and the Bobcats can definitely get him later in the lottery. At No.9, the T-Wolves' choice will likely be between Kentavious Caldwell-Pope and Sergey Karasev. If the Wolves want to grab Victor Oladipo or Ben McLemore, moving up to the Bobcat's spot is a great option. The No.9 pick and Derrick Williams for No.4 seems to make sense for both teams; the Wolves get their shooting guard of the future, and the Bobcats get Williams and Zeller to boost their offense.

Cavs trade options at No.1

The Cavs are asking for a lot for the first pick, and it doesn't seem like any team is willing to offer a young star. The Cavs will likely be forced to keep this pick. Noel, Bennett, Porter, Len, Oladipo, and McLemore are all options, with Noel, Len, and Porter as the favorites.

Boston looking to move Pierce?

The Celtics brought in some second-round prospects for a workout on Wednesday; are they looking to package Pierce to acquire more picks? Cleveland, among other teams. has showed some interest in Pierce. It is unlikely Pierce will be traded on draft night, but keep an eye out for the Celtics looking to move into the second round.

Luol Deng to the Wizards for third pick and Omeka Okafor

This trade possibility was reported a couple of days ago; it seemed likely that the Bulls were only gauging the interest for Deng. If neither Porter nor Bennett are available at 3, however, the Wizards may try to move this pick to acquire a veteran instead of taking Noel (though it is highly unlikely Porter-Bennett goes 1-2).

Are there any possible trades you can see going down on draft night? Share them with me below!